Thank you from was built with the vision to provide neighborhood-specific content for all New Yorkers- in every neighborhood, in every borough, and in multiple languages.

Vizalytics Technology did so with the understanding that not every community would have the same access to the resources needed to create and support that vision, hence why worked for every community in NYC.

The Vizalytics team acknowledges and thanks Amazon Web Services for providing hosting credits for the site for three years that made the ongoing production and data transformation of the site possible. While data may be open and publicly available, there are costs and compute associated with transformation of that data to serve each neighborhood.

In creating the site, we wanted to make sure we understood and honored the needs of all users- especially those with limited digital access, or with limited digital fluency. That's why the positive feedback from senior citizens was particularly poignant to our team.

Our company launched its first product because of the digital divide challenges we saw from Hurricane Sandy as it hit the Vizalytics founder's hometown of Staten Island. Hearing seniors share that this site was both useful for them and easy to use - was a proud moment for the Vizalytics team. Vizalytics continues to serve both public and private sector clients in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

We thank everyone for their support, and please do reach out if you would like to discuss creating a new version of neighborhoods for your local community- whether in New York or anywhere else in the world.

If you would still like a version of the content feed, please reach out to Aileen Gemma Smith ( to discuss.